The dark spots on the ladybird’s back are not related to its age :) !

I recall long hours in the woods, the forest and nature. It is amazing how you can feel so good after fresh air’s hours, you are recharged. Your cheeks are pink and your glow is at his best. Among the small animals, I have always been so fascinated by the tiny ladybird; she is so fragile, beautiful and important for the nature. In french we call the ladybird « La Bête a Bon Dieu » the Godbug 🙂 ! Well if you get some garden and if you work on your flowers and tomatoes, do you know that ladybirds are maybe one of the most powerful way to protect your precious gardens from attacks of the gluttons such as aphids which really like to eat your salads and other growing vegetables.


The larva of the ladybird can eat up to 80 aphids per day and as adult from 80 to 100 a day. Ladybirds also participate in pollinisation by visiting flowers to feed on pollen.

A last story is related to the age of the ladybird. When I grew up in Normandie a great game was to count the dark spots on the back of the ladybird to determine its age. The truth is, it is not related to its age 🙂 ! However if you wish please continue to believe it 🙂 ! The reason for the dark spots on the ladybird’s bright red color back  is a sign to warn their predators that they taste really bad and that they are a little bit poisonous.

Ladybirds are key to balance our ecosystem, we have to protect them.

Alexandre R Rio.


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