You have 30 days to change !!! Then you can leave :) !

The skin is the heaviest organ of the body and the largest ! The skin in its structure features three main tissues, in depth the tissue is called the hypodermis from the greek hypo =below, in between one can find the dermis and the most extern the epidermis. The epidermis is as thin as a sheet of paper and depends of its location it can range from 0.05mm to 1.5mm. Imagine a so tiny layer able to protect and make us so beautiful !!! It is essential to take care of our skin every day as it is a living organ. By keeping a healthy skin you can feel better, a beautiful skin gets you more energy more drive to achieve anything you want.

In the Epidermis, one can find an amazing transformation process. In 30 days the cells of the Epidermis, the keratinocytes, from the basal layer truly change their shapes to differentiate from a cubic appearance to a more polygonal form then a round structure to finally reach a complete flat look 🙂 ! If this process does well, it ensures the beauty of our skin. I represented this process on my below AlexRioLab sketch !


As you can see the epidermis ranks among the most dynamic tissue, it continually regenerates itself. I will give more information in a next article however I would like to introduce one thing here : The Cytoskelton: What does this strange name mean ? Well I started to draw it in my above sketch, you can notice some tiny filaments or wires in the spinous or basale cells.  This is the famous Cytoskelton. Everything in the Epidermis is very well connected to ensure its protection function, its shape. The Cytoskelton plays many roles, I will explain further more next time !

As everything in life, small discipline -> small result, big discipline -> big result ! Take care of your skin everyday to unleash its beauty !

Alexandre R Rio.


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