Walk on the water, not impossible for everybody !

I have always been amazed by Biology, every minutes tons of chemical reactions happened in our body and we do not feel anything !!! Biology is a great science and sometimes it seems really magic. I get the charles-darwin-62967same feeling with another topic the evolution of the species. Not sure if you know Charles Darwin however he is the man who issued the theory of species evolution in 1859. Darwin spent a lot of time to look at the nature. He understood one thing; to survive in the long run Nature selected species able to adapt to their environment by developing « specific skills ». For example in desert, the trees have minimized the size of their leaves to decrease the surface of the tree  exposed to heat or dry wind therefore the plants can retain better water inside. Also, this is why animals developed amazing capacities over the time to survive and ensure their reproductions step to perpetuate the next generations. One can witness the evolution of this fantastic adaptation strategy of nature everywhere however if you can and have the time (a lot 😉 !) go to the Galapagos Islands. Darwin travelled their in 1835 to work and observe nature.

Most of the time, evolution gave species amazing capacities to escape or to avoid a danger !!! Today I will introduce you someone who developed a great ability to escape from predators. The Green basilisk lizard or Jesus Christ (JC) lizard can truly walk on water. You can find it in the central america tropical forests. This lizard spend a lot of time in the trees and they really like water. When a danger is close, the lizard can jump from the trees and sprint as fast as 1.5 meter/second across water’s surface. To accomplish his olympic runner skill, the JC lizard developed over the time long toes on its rear feet with skin fringes to increase the surface of its legs with water’s surface. By this way the lizard can really walk and run at the surface of water.

jesus christ lizard running on water

The nature and its evolution grew on earth amazing species of plants and animals. It took millions of years for Nature to achieve this job !

Alexandre R Rio.

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