The painters of Nature carry their « inks » on the back legs’s brushes :) !

Have you ever walk in the middle of a wild flower field, it is an amazing sensation. It smells extremely good ! This positive feeling makes you smile. It is really beautiful to see how much nature can color our environment. Nature offers us so many beautiful landscapes for free! If you go to the country, you will often hear a distinctive sound. The sound of the painters of mother’s nature. You can ask who are those painters ? The honeybees.


The honeybees (Apis mellifera) fly very fast,  as fast as 30km/h ! If you look in detail at this cute and tiny painter, the honeybees get tiny hairs on their legs to capture a maximum of « ink » or pollen and quickly brush it off ! The honeybees can carry up to 30% of their weight in pollen at the surface of their body and use the forelegs to remove the pollen. The flowers help as well the honeybees to carry the pollen by getting a mix of pollen with a viscous liquid which can boost the stickiness of the pollen to hairs of the honeybees.


As you can see the whole nature is working hand in hand to bring unforgettable colors to our eyes. Something less sustainable is again the action of human being, To increase productivity and profits well-known chemical firms developed and commercialized Neonicotinoid’ s pesticides to kill insectes in the fields. The problem is, it kills many other species such as the honeybees. Hopefully some awareness came and EU regulated its use in 2013.


Doing business is essential for humanity as through trades and purchasing acts, one can exchange values of peace and discover new cultures. New businesses are great places to stimulate the economy and create jobs ! Businesses and their profits should never be generated by destroying the nature ! Let’s work to keep the colors of mother’s nature and its painters for the eyes of our kids.

Alexandre R. Rio



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