Our cells « pacmaned » the energy factory of our skin!

The skin is one of the most important organ of the body. Without it, it is impossible to live. It is crucial to keep a healthy skin by taking care of it every day ! The skin ensures many fundamental roles, protection, thermo-regulation, synthesis of key hormones such as Vitamine D3 and more.


Like all tissues of the body, the skin should renew itself every second! If everything is in order, if everything is balanced in our skin, the renewal process is painless. The skin gets three major compartments. The deeper part is called the Dermis, then the second one is a very important junction called the Dermo-epidermal junction and finally the most superficial compartment is the Epidermis. It takes 28 days for a cell of the epidermis to renew and grow from the deeper layers to the surface and then leave and say « ciao » to our skin…

How can this process happens ? Is it pure magic ? Well, not really without energy nothing is possible !

The cells of our skin are not frozen, they move, they talk to each other, they divide from the basal layers then grow and move up to the surface. It is like rails of a train, the cells of our skin, leave the « deeper train stations » to reach out the « upper train stations ». All those processes need one thing -> energy.

The energy equation can be over simplied as Glucose + Oxygen = ATP.


Well that seems a little bit complex however a fundamental molecule in our body is called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). ATP is synthesized thanks to Glucose and Oxygen in particular, other biochemical reactions can generate ATP however I will not spend time to explain it! ATP is made by the Mitochondria a tiny bag in our cells.

Something amazing and again this is the mystery of biology is the story about the Mitochondria’s origin. The mitochondria is the energy factory of the body, of the skin. The big job of the mitochondria is to produce the energy, the famous super important ATP molecule I highlighted before. Every minutes we produce millions of ATP molecules so we can walk, run and get a beautiful skin !

Where this mitochondria comes from ???

Billions of years ago, the first cell ate another cell, I represented this processus called the endosymbiotic theory on my sketch. The tiny cell or mitochondria moved into the cell to produce energy and push this cell to survive even better. Again something linked to the evolution of species ! The mitochondria or energy factory of the body, is key in our skin.

Eat well and get fresh air every day, for sure your skin will say thank you 🙂 !

Alexandre R Rio

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