I can hear your heart’s symphony at 2kms :)!

The blue whale is the mammal of all records. It can live up to 110 years, its length can reach 30 meters and its weight 180 tons… One can find these giants all around the globe, in all major seas, Pacific ocean, Antartic ocean, Atlantic ocean and more… This animal needs to feed a lot to survive and build a thicker skin to shield some strong pressure agressions and low temperature water .The main food for the blue whale is a tiny shrimp called krill !


To ensure a proper body motion, the giant gets robust muscles and needs to supply them with rich oxygen blood. Because of the size of the animal, the heart of the blue whale is the biggest of the world, as big as a small car :). The heart of the blue whale can weight as much as 650 Kgs, one can hear the heart beats as far as 2 kms, amazing ! Also to save energy and ensure an optimum metabolism the heart of the blue whale can beat as slow as 4 beat per minute ! Count…1, 2, 3, 4…per minute 🙂 !


This animal is truly fantastic and if one day you can run into one, you are very lucky ! We estimate the total remaining population of the blue whale between 5000-12000… very small if we compare to us, the 7 billions human being (sophisticated primates) on this planet. Those animals live on planet earth since thousands of years and as us they have the right to continue to live in peace.


All our research progresses, activities and businesses should allow humans to develop and live better with each other. It should be done in full respect and harmony with Nature !!!

Alexandre R. Rio



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